Q. How comfortable is a wall bed for sleeping?

Your guests will have a great night’s sleep on one of our beds. The built-in European slat system adds support and comfort and eliminates the need of a box spring.

Q. How long does it take to get a wall bed?

It takes between 8 to 12 weeks from order date to installation. We usually have two or three wall beds in stock which can be installed within a couple of days.

Q. Can I install the system myself?

Our systems come with step by step installation instructions which allows for self installation. We also offer a cash and carry prepped option to save you time. With this option we mount the springs, mount most of the brackets, pre-drill and set the screws on the slats and support braces, as well as other items which will save time. This option will save 3 to 4 hours at a cost of $150.00.

Q. Once installed can the bed be moved to another location?

Yes, your wall bed can easily be unassembled and installed at another location. You’ll only have 4 to six small screw holes to patch and paint.

Q. Is a mattress included with my system?

No, everybody is very particular about their mattress. We do carry mattresses as an extra that are available should you wish to purchase them. A queen is $450, a double $400, and a twin is $350.

Q. What type of mattress do I need with your beds?

Any standard mattress will work in our beds. The only stipulation is the depth of the mattress. For our 16” cabinets the mattress must be 9” or less. The 20” cabinet allows for a mattress up to 13” deep.

Q. Is it possible to have someone come out and take measurements plus provide us with system options? If so, how much does this service cost?

We are always available to perform in-home measurements and provide design options. This service is free of charge whether or not you decide to purchase a system.

Please call us at 403-945-1882 to setup your free in-home consultation.